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Carolanne Lamontagne Photographer

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I have been a photographer for over 5 years and I specialise mainly in product photography. My style is very clean, natural and bright.

After having accumulated a good baggage of enriching experiences, I launched myself as a full-time photographer and I now have several regular clients who use my services to illustrate their products, capture unique moments or to capture the essence of your emotions through my cameras.

When I am commissioned to photograph you, I make sure you are comfortable and guided through the shoot. I take care of finding inspirations before the session so that you know where you stand and to help you plan the style of the session.



With a classic approach, but which remains natural, I offer all my clients a photo shoot that represents them. Each session is unique and respects everyone's needs and I make sure that my achievements meet your expectations, regardless of the type of session. Your ideas are always welcome for a photoshoot, and I make sure we have the same vision before we start a photoshoot to make sure the style is right for you.


Capture, using an artistic vision, all your unique moments and create images that allow you to dive back into your most precious memories.


  • Learn every day
  • Innovate and welcome change
  • Excellence in my work
  • Reliability
  • Be passionate



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